Visual Identity as a strategic tool for brand equity building.

Fundamental questions and thought provoking concepts to think differently about retail as a brand building vehicle.

Brands add value to businesses when they drive uniqueness and differentiation across the entire consumer experience. The brand’s visual identity, which may or may not include physical structures, is the one element of the brand that comes in contact with virtually all of a brand’s potential consumers, and therefore one that can help tell the story we want to tell.

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El origen del crecimiento sostenible.

Los planes de crecimiento de la empresa se ven bien en el PowerPoint®.Los planes se ven muy bien en las juntas de presupuesto. Todo se ve bien en PowerPoint®. La cuestión es materializar el crecimiento día a día y mes a mes.

Ganar la batalla por el voto del consumidor, es cada día una tarea más compleja. El contexto actual hace más y más difícil el crecimiento sostenible.

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Business Strategy Consulting reveals study about the earthquakes impact on the relationship of Mexican consumers with brands.

The study revealed that the earthquakes reshaped the way consumers relate to brands and the ranking of drivers and needs that win over their preference.

Brands must be strategically prepared to fulfill their role as agents of change in society, based on social or environmental goals able to inspire everything that brands do and say.

Today, consumers expect from brands to play relevant roles in their lives and even take on leading roles to help them overcome dicult situations.

Consumers at present expect more from brands than from governments. Brands have to acknowledge this reality and build these relationships in a longstanding permanent manner, and not only in devastating situations.

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Building Brands and Growing Sales at the Point of Sale

The most accepted brand building models assume the vast majority of consumer relationships with brands happen outside the store. In consequence, we spend the majority of
our budgets ––and time– bulletproofing the portfolio strategy; crafting inspiring, differentiated brand positioning models; and amplifying all of the above through brilliant plans and suffcient media investments.

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